AED Management Programs for the 21st Century.

AED ProSense is a new way of thinking about AED Program Management.


AED ProSense uses a QRCode attached to the AED or Cabinet to access the system. Pad and Battery updates as well as readiness checks are performed using your smartphone camera and a few clicks. No more running back to your computer to update AED information. The information is accurate and timely.


AED ProSense is a state-of-the-art AED management solution that costs as little as $25 per year. Compare that to solutions costing hundreds of dollars a year that were built over 10 years ago.


See the status of your AED fleet from a dashboard on your smartphone. No more wondering if that battery was replaced or that PAD date is correct. Sleep better Knowing your AEDs are ready to save a life with AED AutoPilot and FibBot AED monitoring technologies.


AED ProSense


Enroll AEDs with your Smartphone Camera

Update battery and pad dates while replacing them on the AED

Easy to perform AED Readiness checks for risk management and compliance

How to use AED/CPR refresher videos accessible to anyone via a QR Code on the AED cabinet

Manage and review the status of your AEDs from a dashboard on your smartphone

Know where your AEDs are with integrated mapping and geolocation features

Engagement tools to ensure the micro community around your AEDs are ready to save a life "KNOW" power

AED ProSense


Everything included in AED ProSense Basic

AED AutoPilot — Create a sustainable AED program without expensive outside resources

Role based Text and Email alerts to your phone or computer

Access AED ProSense from a smartphone app or any browsers on your phone or computer 

Comprehensive compliance reporting

AED activation alerts 

(Requires a FibBot cabinet monitor.)

AED automated readiness checks 

(Requires a FibBot cabinet monitor. Available for select AEDs.)

FibBot — automated remote cabinet monitoring 

(Requires a FibBot cabinet monitor.) 


AED ProSense


Everything included in AED ProSense Plus

Onsite inspections on your schedule (Weekly, Quarterly, Semiannually, Annually)

Pad and battery replacement costs included 

AEDProSense Basic

Our most affordable package that makes it easy to check and maintain your AEDs. This program also includes user engagement tools.

AED ProSense Plus

Our most popular package that includes all the features of AED ProSense “PLUS”.
AEDAutopilot to create a sustainable AED program without outside resources.
FibBot AED monitoring that lets you see the readiness of your AED fleet from your smartphone.
AED Activation Alerts so you know when an AED in your fleet has been deployed for use.

AED ProSense Complete

Our most comprehensive package that includes all the features of AED ProSense Plus with options for onsite AED checks by our technicians, Battery/PAD replacements at no additional charge, Medical direction and onsite training.


where the AED is with engagement tools that encourage learning and empowerment.


the AED is working by performing easy to do readiness checks.


how to use it by AED specific refresher videos available by scanning the QRCode.

See how AED ProSense works